Are you wishing to find your purpose, next move, or to rekindle the joy in this game called life? If so, I would truly enjoy speaking with you!
I have observed that when a person is on such a quest, it requires a true and uncomfortable pause to occur. This pause is immeasurable by time and space- rather, it can happen in an instant. Now…what to do with this newfound awareness? Where to begin? Asking “What Do I Really, Really Want?” is uncharted territory for most of us.

As a life coach, I am uniquely qualified to listen to your heartfelt dreams, and to guide you as you navigate your own course. The treasures of transformation will unfold along the way. It will be a most profound experience for both of us as we partner in your journey! As your confidante, I will provide reflections and tools, strategies and connections based on your interests and lifestyle. This can be accomplished by phone- scheduling is flexible for those who work long hours
Please contact me for a complimentary session, and see for yourself what the magic is all about!